Proforce Industry

ProForce Industry OÜ was established in 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. ProForce Industry UAB was established in 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We are part of the Skill Group Oy. Since its early days, ProForce Industry has been setting high goals to help implement the ambitious projects of our customers on their premises or sites. Having started our activities in Estonia, we have executed projects all over Europe. Currently, ProForce Industry has also established a representative office in Finland.

ProForce Industry is specialized in pressure equipment, piping assembly, installation and welding work. We also carry out metal construction installation and welding work. In addition to welding work, one of our core competences is mechanical assemblies with all types of hydraulic and electrical components.
Our highly qualified staff provide top-quality services in the oil refining, gas, chemical, energy, pulp & milling, shipping and machine-building industries.
We are actively looking for fair partnerships. Our main asset is our highly qualified personnel, who can work as a team or as individual specialists and are professionals in their fields. All the welders are certified according to standard ISO9606 with PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) requirements.
Currently, 95% of services are provided in foreign countries. We are entirely familiar with all aspects of work safety and quality, and, therefore, we are able to meet the requirements of each country. We have the necessary personnel, equipment, permits and licenses to carry out all the types of work mentioned above.


Mission – what is our purpose?

  • We provide a counterbalance for the busiest demands of your customers, we fill in for holidays and other days off
  • We offer our production services at the customer’s premises, where the product know-how is at hand
  • We provide our industrial services for customers who want to add value in their home country
  • We work with respect for our customers’ ethical values and the principles of occupational safety

Vision – how we work

  • We provide flexible, high-quality production solutions for our customers in workshops and worksites

Strategy – guidelines for our daily work

  • We are focused upon production services for the metal industry
  • We provide services in our customers’ premises, not at our own workshop
  • We offer flexible capacity, both the number of staff and the working time are flexible
  • We maintain our ability to operate both in workshops and on worksites, and we also develop our services
  • Innovatively adaptive service solutions, with tools and machines included when needed
  • We measure our own efficiency in welding and report it back to our customers
  • We abide by the laws and regulations and keep ourselves constantly updated about them

Looking for a reliable partner?

Contact us by phone +372 52 21 325 or by e-mail. We will help you to install, maintain or repair facilities or equipment.