Surprisingly positive views for midsummer

17 June, 2020

June 16th 2020 Our internationalisation story was at that point last years’ midsummer that our operations started in the Netherlands. It began well but in spring it came a thing called corona. On this midsummer week things have became more clear. Operations have been running all the time but possibilities for growth continue on this […]

ProForce’s history from the beginning

14 February, 2020

February 14th 2020 Our company ProForce was established in February 15th 2015. It was a time, when it seemed a good drive going in metal industry in Finland. Resources were hard to find. There were a lot of constructing, a new bio product factory, LNG-terminals on coast and a lot of smaller projects. Factories had […]

ProForce’s name changes

24 January, 2020

January 24th 2020 Viafin ProForce’s name is changing new. The new name is ProForce Industry OÜ. Business IDs stay the same and all actions continue like before. Also the ownership stays the same, as it has been from the foundation. Behind the name change, there is the company’s will to get more independent. That’s because […]

Review of this year and views for the future

19 December, 2019

December 19th 2019 Year 2019 was nice growth time for ProForce. January was a busy time but hurries got lower a little bit in winter time. The real growth time started in the early spring. Overall year 2019 brings 1/5 growth compared last year. A customer base expanded significantly in last year. New several significant […]

Time for budget 2020

20 November, 2019

November 20th 2019 Year 2019 has moved on winter and it’s time for next year’s budgeting and planning. Incoming year 2020 seems bright for ProForce. Although there is some kind of discussion about general economic views, despite that we are budgeting significant growth compared to this year. Our bright belief is based on a few […]