ProForce’s background is in Viafin companies, which manufacture pulp towers, pressure tanks and industrial pipeline systems. We serve the world’s leading suppliers of manufacturing systems and clients in the energy, forestry, chemical, food, and mining industries. We also provide services to the builders of steel structures and the marine industry.

Our wealth of expertise in the metal industry is based on decades of development and experience, highly trained staff, the ability to cooperate, as well as the command of a great number of industry standards.

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Installations and welding works of steel structures,tanks and industrial pipelines. Welding processes: wire, TIG and MMA welding. From high-grade steel to carbon steel.

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Mechanical design and assembling. We design pressure vessels, storage tanks, shell and tube heat exchangers, piping, metal constructions, conveyor systems, and other machines.

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Machine building, which includes the installation and assembly of mechanical, hydraulic and other components. Machine building, which includes the installation and assembly.

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The installation and welding of the pipelines of an LNG terminal

Material: 1.4307
Pipeline: DN15–DN350

Manufacturing of complex pressure tanks (assembly and welding) for the oil industry

Materials: EN1.4462; EN1.4362
Material thickness: 8–25 mm

Shell & tube heat exchanger

Materials: Shell P265GH. Pipes: P235GH
Material thickness: 10–25 mm

The manufacturing of the evaporator units at the workshop and on-site installation

Materials: 1.4162; 1.4362
Material thickness: 4–25 mm

Heat exchanger

Materials: Shell 1.4307. Pipes: 1.4404
Material thickness: 6–25 mm

The welding works of a district heating accumulator

Material: S355J2
Material thickness: 8–25 mm

The installation and welding of the pipelines for an electricity and boiler plant

Material: P235GH
Pipeline: DN15–DN400

The installation and welding of the pipelines of a pulp factory

Materials: 1.4307, 1.4404, 1.4462
Pipeline: DN40–DN350

Metsä Fibre Äänekoski biomill site

Assembly and welding of evaporators.
Materials: Stainless steel, duplx steel