ProForce’s history from the beginning

February 14th 2020

Our company ProForce was established in February 15th 2015. It was a time, when it seemed a good drive going in metal industry in Finland. Resources were hard to find. There were a lot of constructing, a new bio product factory, LNG-terminals on coast and a lot of smaller projects. Factories had strong order books in Finland, which were going to better direction.

Marko Sipola had thoughts about securing resources in Viafin companies for a couple of years already. In 2015, it became clear that it’s time for establish a new company for industrial resources. After long considerations, Tallinn in Estonia was decided to be the basement place. It’s close and it’s a flexible place to make actions around. The decision was easier to do, because Marko had found the right man to Managing Director and launch new business, Madis Kollo from Tallinn. In the beginning, a company in our thoughts was like a little business secret. We weren’t to tell outside how our group will solve our necessary resources with quality. We could fade our business secret, because actions were started so well. So, Madis and Marko did a successful start for the company.

The first year went serving our sister companies. I was myself in West Welding Oy, and it was impressive to be the first customer for the company. A new situation demanded encouraging to many directions, myself and after that to whole organisation and staff. Afterwards, I can say it was worth it. Learnings from there have give a lot. ProForce is doing well today, growing and flourishing also abroad. Norway and the Netherlands are rising significantly already.

If I go back in history, there are a lot of different phases already. When the first year went serving sister companies, and succeeded with that, an interest and excitement arouse to go also elsewhere. We were thinking a moment, how we proceed in the strategy. It was year 2016. I remember when Marko asked me that will these services work for companies outside our group, for factories and worksites. Madis was strongly with us of course. I was thinking a moment and said that “Who will, he figures out how”. I haven’t invented that phrase myself but it’s very good still. Today, our company has truly its own customers.

After this journey, the company has renewed for two times. The company’s original name Viafin Estonia changed in spring 2018. That time company’s name changed into Viafin ProForce. We wanted a better name to describe our business and we got it. We went forward with this for about two years, when it came a new situation where we renewed again. Viafin name wanted to be used for Viafin Service Oyj and ProForce decided to give that name for Viafin Service’s use. So, the company transformed into ProForce Industry a couple of weeks ago. The new name describes better again our company’s actions. We go forward with this, as a service company in metal industry.

The history, even it’s a quite short, has taught well the company, its organisation and staff. The customers also as same way. Madis has a dream team in Tallinn to do next five years’ history for the company. Future in Northern Europe seems very light for ProForce.


Esa Rantala, ProForce Industry
Chairman of the Board