ProForce’s name changes

January 24th 2020

Viafin ProForce’s name is changing new. The new name is ProForce Industry OÜ. Business IDs stay the same and all actions continue like before. Also the ownership stays the same, as it has been from the foundation.

Behind the name change, there is the company’s will to get more independent. That’s because of our growth. And now is the time for that. It means that also the brand is getting new. Viafin name drops from the company’s official name. This allows listed company, Viafin Service plc. to use better Viafin name in its brand. ProForce’s history stay still on knowledge learnt from Viafin companies.

The company’s official name is, starting January 21st: ProForce Industry OÜ, and the business IDs are:

  • ProForce Industry OÜ, business ID (Estonia) 12800438
  • ProForce Industry OÜ, business ID (Finland) 2693457-3

This change doesn’t require any actions from our customers. Only if you have used our previous business names in your supplier register and in your ledger, then it’s useful to change them into right form.

Pleasant winter for You all!


ProForce Industry OÜ