Time for budget 2020

November 20th 2019

Year 2019 has moved on winter and it’s time for next year’s budgeting and planning. Incoming year 2020 seems bright for ProForce. Although there is some kind of discussion about general economic views, despite that we are budgeting significant growth compared to this year.

Our bright belief is based on a few different things. Firstly, there is more and more will and need for capacity aid in metal industry. It can be easily done with doing a deal and using ProForce’s ResourceBank for example. This thing is confirmed by many of our existing customers.

The second thing that gives belief for growth, is gained knowledge doing demanding metal works in Viafin subsidiaries in recent years. ProForce delivers manpower services and metal industry operations with quality. When demanding authorized pressure equipment welding is succeeding, many other works are succeeding as well. ProForce’s own history has showed that already.

Happy incoming Christmas time and year 2020!

-ProForce Team