Feelings from Subcontracting Fair in Tampere, Finland

October 4th 2019

This year’s Alihankinta Subcontracting Fair ended a couple of weeks ago. The visitor number 17 731 was the second highest at all time. There were visitors more only in year 2016.

A big picture from atmosphere was a really positive even a little bit black clouds seemed somewhere. From the point of view of ProForce’s Manpower Bank and Capacity, the situation seems still good. When the world is changing more hectic all the time, volatility in production is just growing on. The other significant issue seems to be that in projects and in manufacturing plants, the different skills of people are needed more and more. So, this means that more professionals are needed all the time, in the middle of volatility.

ProForce will solve these challenges. We did an analysis after the fair. All the time growing staff has to be qualified for larger customers’ needs. In practice, this means that more different skills of people are needed. The other our significant analysis is that volatility of our capacity is needed. So, our reaction time has to get to better level. It means more resources for the customer care also.

With our team in the picture, we will develop our company and customer satisfaction. Thanks for you all, who visited at the fair!

There are still possibilities to grow with us.

Have a nice autumn!

-ProForce Team