Review of this year and views for the future

December 19th 2019

Year 2019 was nice growth time for ProForce. January was a busy time but hurries got lower a little bit in winter time. The real growth time started in the early spring. Overall year 2019 brings 1/5 growth compared last year.

A customer base expanded significantly in last year. New several significant co-operation deals were made. It’s part of our growth. It’s also significant that our so-called old customers increased our services in their actions. We are proud of this development. So, we would like to thank both old and new customers for good co-operation in last year. It has enabled our growth. Together forward.

Now, let’s see some views of the incoming year 2020. There is a lot of talk about general economic growth, estimations are done and fixing them. A balance in actions, order handling and generally things to get done have got features that these things are becoming more irregular. Predictability is becoming more challenging. Making decisions go later time and then a rush appears. Luckily, already back in the days, ProForce’s services have been built for this kind of environment. So, we are looking confidently forward.

The other issue is changes in labour regulations in the beginning of year 2020. There have come a huge amount of new regulations and they affect everyone of us. It’s worth of discovering them for us all. They bring some new requirements and practices in our functions. Like with ProForce, this affects every company working in this kind of business.

When aware of this all, we believe our actions and our company having still growth by 1/5 incoming year. We see that the growth is still coming from existing and incoming new customers.

Happy Christmas and incoming new year 2020!

-ProForce Team